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Are you tired of looking at your damaged, boring and unsightly concrete walkway? Are your entryways causing eyesores to your business or dragging down the value of your home? Well even if you had the chance to replace your walkways with fresh concrete, that may not be the best option. No matter what, concrete will always return to its damaged state so what should you do? Well, we think that the best way to treat damaged concrete is with a coating and there is no better coating than one of our stamped concretes! Our stamped concrete can provide that oomph that can complement your home’s landscaping and curb appeal to help keep your business successful.

Ready to see what a stamped concrete walkway can do for you? We have everything that you need to know down below.

Why You Should Consider Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Overlay Kansas City

Rapid Installation

We know how important it is to have your walkway functioning at all times, nobody likes to have to walk through dirt because concrete is wet! This is where our stamps shine as they can be installed in one day and only take up to one day to dry enough to walk on. Compared to replacing your concrete which can take up to a week, you can see why overlays are a better option.

Concrete Overlay

Property Value

While many home and business owners think that the appearance of dilapidated concrete is the bane of their concrete, they are wrong. A cracked or gouged concrete slab is a safety hazard and can drag down the value of your home. With one of our stamped concrete walkway coatings, not only will your concrete slab look better, but it can even boost the value of your home as homeowners have reported an increase of up to 5%.


Whether you need protection from heavy vehicle foot traffic or face a constant threat of dropped objects, our stamped overlays can boost the durability of your concrete slab. By adding an extra layer of protection between your concrete and the abuse, our coatings can drastically increase the lifespan of your walkway. Not only can our stamped concrete coatings provide protection from physical sources, but they can also resist water damage as they are 100 percent waterproof.

Concrete Floor Overlay


Another benefit of using one of our stamped concrete overlays is the amazing service life they bring to the table. What’s the point of installing something that won’t last your concrete years? That is why with our professional installation and use of high-grade materials, our overlays offer a 20-30 year service life depending on the traffic it receives, how well it is maintained and the condition of your concrete slab.

Reliable, Affordable, And Professional Stamped Concrete Solutions
Let’s Talk About it

Customizing Your Walkway

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, how our walkways look can create a lasting impression on whoever comes into our homes or businesses. With our stamped walkway solutions one thing is for sure, we can create some of the most beautiful finishes on the market and you can find a few of them down below:

Exterior Concrete Overlay

Rustic Wood

Are you in love with the rustic feel that traditional wood flooring brings to the table? Well if you want to use wood on a walkway, you would have to tear out your concrete, until now that is. We can stamp your concrete with our rustic wood stamps that simulate the look and feel of traditional wood but with the added durability of concrete.

Concrete Overlay Companies

Paver Patterns

When it comes to paver walkways, they might look amazing but in most cases, they can become sunbaked, cracked and can be a pest to clean out all of the deep cracks. But with our pavers stamps, we can prevent sunbaking with advanced sealers that will keep your coating looking brand new for years to come, not to mention make maintenance a breeze!

Concrete Overlay Repair

Natural Stone

t doesn’t matter how you look at it, natural stone can complement any form of landscaping or even give you a template to build around. Where natural stone can be expensive and hard to install, our natural stone stamps can bring you the appearance of slate, flagstone, and cut cobblestone but with the affordability of a concrete coating.

Concrete Walkway Resurfacing

The biggest advantage of using a stamped concrete walkway is that you won’t have to replace your concrete to rejuvenate your home or business’s appearance. This is because our stamped concrete can be used in the process of concrete resurfacing and down below, you can see the advantages of concrete resurfacing over replacing your slab.
  • Prevent additional wear and tear to your concrete slab, helping it reach its full lifespan of 30 years.
  • Increase the value of your home by upwards of 5% and warranting a 70% ROI.
  • Increase the curb appeal of your business, increasing clientele.
  • Resurfacing your concrete can warrant a much easier maintenance regiment with no waxes or polishes
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When it comes to choosing who installs your overlay, you don’t want the first contractor you can find. We have decades of experience installing and even repairing concrete and down below, you will find what sets us apart from the other contractors in Kansas City:
  • We promise to use the highest-grade materials on the market no matter how big or how small your job may be.
  • We promise to never skip steps during the preparation stage to save time and money.
  • We stand behind our work which is why we offer a strong warranty
  • We promise you to leave you with 100% satisfaction!

It doesn’t matter what kind of setting you are in, we serve all industries in Kansas City, industrial to residential. Want to know what we can do for you? Take a look at our home page or give us a call today for your free quote.

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