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Are you in love with natural materials like slate, flagstone, and cobblestone but feel like you can never have what you desire because how expensive natural materials can be to floor with? Natural materials like stones can’t even be used in interior applications most of the time because of how uncomfortable to walk on and dusty they are, so how should you go about getting the natural material of your dreams?
Here at Speakman Coatings, we have the next best thing, stamped concrete flooring! With one of our stamped concrete flooring systems, we can replicate the appearance of wood to slate with our dozens of different concrete stamp designs. We offer Kansas City’s most competitive pricing points while still providing some of the highest quality finishes on the market. With almost 20 years of experience working with concrete, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time around.

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The Benefits Of Stamped Concrete Floors.

Stamped Concrete Overlay Kansas City


One of the biggest reasons that home and business owners have been making the switch to stamped concrete flooring in the past few years is the incredible service life that they bring to the table. With our professional installation and proper maintenance on your part, our stamped concrete coatings have the ability to last up to 30 years! This is because our coatings are up to 4 times stronger than concrete.

Concrete Overlay


When it comes to the customization of your stamped concrete, we are one of the few contractors in Kansas City that offer no limits to the level of customization we offer. From creating our wood concrete stamps from real wood to our slate stamps mimicking the real deal, there’s nothing you can’t do with stamped concrete. To top it all off, we offer stains to create highs and lows and even tinted sealers.

Concrete Overlay Kansas City


Another benefit of opting in for our stamped concrete overlays is the amazing resistance to damage they offer. Because our stamped concrete floor is thicker than our concrete overlays, you can expect increased tolerance to heavy foot or vehicle traffic, resistance to minor dropped objects and even harsh chemicals. We also coat all of our stamps with high-grade sealers to protect against UV rays, chemicals and scratches or abrasions that could ruin your finish.

Concrete Overlay Patio


A feature of our stamped concrete coatings that home and business owners love about our finishes is that they are one of the most affordable flooring systems on the market. By using a stamped concrete coating over replacing your concrete, we can save you thousands of dollars as our stamped concrete coatings start at 5 dollars a square foot whereas replacing your concrete can be as much as 10 dollars a square foot.

Kansas City Stamped Concrete Flooring Solutions
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Resurfacing Your Floors With Stamped Concrete

Has the time come to finally deal with all of the cracks, gouges, and discoloration on your concrete slab? We understand that you may think that replacing your concrete slab is the easiest route now, let us tell you what concrete resurfacing can do for you:

Stamped Concrete Overlay Driveway

Garage Floors

Garage floors are by far the harshest settings you can find anywhere. If you use your garage for weekend hobbies, wrenching on cars or even just storing your car in your garage can render your slab damaged. But, by resurfacing your garage floor, not only can you get the boring and gray appearance of traditional concrete out, you can create a chemical resistant barrier on your concrete to keep your slab safe no matter what you’re doing.

Concrete Overlay Around Pool

Pool Decks

Your pool deck is one of the most abused concrete surfaces that you can find anywhere is your pool deck. It faces constant exposure to harsh elements like UV rays, pool cleaning supplies, and heavy foot traffic. But with one of our stamped concrete flooring systems, your pool deck will be protected from all of the above! Not to mention, we offer a full range of customization with variations like natural stone, wood and even slate.

Exterior Concrete Overlay

Commercial Facilities

We know how hard your concrete has to work in your commercial facility. If you don’t want to have your facility closed for weeks, we recommend concrete resurfacing. Our resurfacing agents are 4 times stronger than concrete so you can expect much-improved performance and resistant to heavy foot and vehicle traffic, scratches or even spills from chemicals as our stamped concrete floors are always equipped with a high-grade urethane sealer.

The Installation Process Of Stamped Concrete

With almost 20 years of experience, we can install your stamped concrete floor faster and more efficient than any other concrete contractor in Kansas City. Down below, you will find how we make all of our coatings the best west of the Mississippi:
  • We begin with an intense cleaning of the slab with pressure washers and cleaners.
  • Repairs to the concrete slab are then made with concrete based materials for exterior concrete and epoxy fillers for interior concrete.
  • We now apply our concrete stamping material and give you the ability to choose any finish you want from our wide range of stamps.
  • A coat of sealer is then applied to protect your finish from water damage, chemicals, and UV rays.
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Stamped Concrete Overlay Patio

Tips For Maintenance

One of the best benefits of using one of our stamped concrete floor coatings is that they offer a super simplistic maintenance protocol that anyone can do. Down below, you will find a few tips for maintaining your brand new stamped concrete overlay:
  • Waxes can be used to protect your sealer and help it keep its shine to its 3-year lifespan.
  • All you will need to maintain your stamped floor is a broom and mop.
  • Remember to use a PH neutral cleaner to maximize the life of your sealer.
  • For exterior finishes, you can use a garden hose to wash it down
  • Our sealers even resist the appearance of stains!

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