When you choose to resurface concrete, you are choosing to rejuvenate the life of your current slab regardless if it is indoor or outdoor
Here at Speakman Coatings and Floor we love what we do, and we want you to love it all too. As the leading concrete team in Kansas City and the surrounding areas, we provide low-cost services that rear high-end results. We offer our clients high-end materials that will help raise their property value by more than 15% and we do it because we love it. Our craftsmanship comes from over 20-years of experience and exposure to the ever-changing scenarios that our team works under. We have gathered enough knowledge through our experiences so you will always be in good hands. We are equipped to handle all concrete, indoor or outdoor, in all industries, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

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What are the benefits of concrete resurfacing?

Having your concrete resurfaced offers many different benefits for all the different concrete surfaces that can, in fact, be resurfaced.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Property Value

Your driveway and your pool deck can either make or break the value of your home. Resurfacing allows you to make both look fantastically high-end without spending a fortune. Interest will skyrocket based on the look of either or both.

Extend Patio And Sealing

Keep the slab & increase use

Don’t waste time or money ripping out the old to replace it with a new concrete surface, instead, strengthen your concrete through resurfacing and not only that but upgrade the look and feel of your concrete surface in the process.

Raised Concrete Patio

Designs & Colors

Resurfacing concrete creates a brand-new muse so you can redesign your surface to look like anything you want it to be. Cobblestone and/or flagstone are just a few examples of surfaces resurfacing can help your concrete mimic.
Change the look and feel of your concrete for low prices and high-end designs.

Saves time & money

Saves time & money

There isn’t extensive work when you choose to hire professionals to resurface your concrete. With saving time, you are automatically saving money, with short installation periods and fewer materials being used, resurfacing concrete is the smartest decision when remodeling your concrete surface.

Kansas City Concrete Resurfacing Areas
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Curb appeal is important and no matter what we do we have to make good impressions with the first thing people see, your garage and your pool deck. Walkways and patios, resurfacing give your entire property a whole new look without too much time, money, or wasted materials.

Garage Floor Concrete

Garage Floor Concrete Resurfacing

This should always be done by a professional who can guarantee the concrete surface is clean of oil, grease, or any previous solvents or coatings.

  • Cover up and repairs cracks
  • Removes any previous blemishes
  • Helps strength the surface
  • Inexpensive and highly resistant to future damages
Basement Floor Concrete

Basement Floor Concrete Resurfacing

Your basement is the foundation of your home and if it is ever compromised so is the rest of your home.

  • Resurface concrete for old worn out or plain looking surfaces
  • Resurfacing creates a waterproof basement
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, and other damaging and invasive bacteria
  • Fix any unleveled areas
Driveway Concrete Resurfacing

Driveway Concrete Resurfacing

To increase curb appeal but a considerable 15%, your driveway must draw the eyes of passersby and neighbors in the best way possible.

  • Affordable, around $3 to $5 per square foot
  • Resurfacing can redesign your driveway to mimic surfaces like cobblestone, flagstone, wood, and brick.
  • 25-year lifespan or more if properly maintained
  • Can choose a decorative concrete finish

Walkway Concrete Resurfacing

Whether it be in the front yard or the back, a walkway must look beautifully maintained to increase property value in any home or business. Or if you’re simply in need of an update for your walkway, resurfacing concrete can help.
  • Redesign your concrete surface to display your desired surface
  • Change the texture and pattern of your walkway
  • Eco-friendly option compared to completely replacing the concrete slab
  • Increase safety and interest in your property
  • Concrete overlays can change the look and feel of your concrete walkway
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Concrete Patio

Pool Deck Concrete Resurfacing

After the winter months of neglect, pool decks inevitably need some attention. Do not be fooled, you do not need to replace your entire deck, resurfacing can do wonders at much more affordable prices.
  • Resistant to slippage, sun damage, pool chemical damage, natural element exposure, chipping, peeling, and discoloration
  • Removes any previous blemishes
  • Easy to maintain and easy to clean
  • Can mimic wood, tile, and other pool deck surfaces that will not damage
  • Eco-friendly

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